What are the best ways to deal with frustration?

Music. Sleep. Long walk all alone. A new trip to a place you love. Get yourself busy.

Music : have a good collection of inspiring and good music which you love and relevent to you. It always helps and brings you up from any depression. I had experuenced this many times.

Sleep : most of our thoughts will get refined once we sleep. Your mind will get reduced on load. Leave it free for sometime. You will know the change. But I feel very dificult to get sleep at times.

Long walk : You will see a lot of things around you. So lovely. Si bad. So awesome. It will give you lot of relaxation. And one more important thing is, you will get lot of time!

Get yourself busy: Ultimate. Will make you grow. Your other pains jn work wont be a matter at this time. It will give you a better feeling for sure. I will be at my office, working, when I feel bad.


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