Booting Linux Kernel using Busybox, Qemu, NFS, TFTP and uboot

I am recently trying to bootup the linux kernel to play and have fun with it. But I dont have a physical development board. I am interested to learn secure boot. In the end, I decided to use qemu for virtualization and busybox for root file system to boot the linux kernel. I am not expert in all of the below tools and hence wanted to document the steps and procedures I followed to make it easy and useful in latter times.

The steps I walked through is as below..

  • Cross Compiling
  • Building GNU ARM cross compiler Toolchain for development
  • Bare Metal Programming for ARM
  • Building and booting u-Boot in qemu
  • Connecting Qemu to network
  • TFTP Setup in ubuntu
  • NFS Server setup in ubuntu
  • Building Linux kernel for ARM Versatile PB and booting
  • Building Busybox to get root file system to Linux kernel
  • Booting Linux using u-boot through TFTP
  • Using NFS Root file system for Booted kernel

I will be documenting all of the above process one by one


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