Playing MIDI files in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install timidity timidity-interfaces-extra

timidity awesometune.mid
timidity -ig


Howto setup su root in ubuntu

By default, ubuntu distribution doesnt provide password for su/root user. Here is how to setup a password for su.

Run this on terminal. [ Ctlr + Alt + T ]

sudo passwd

Enter your password and it will ask for new password.
Enter it, and you are done.

More information :

Optical Character Recognition in Ubuntu

Today, I was trying to capture some logs from QEMU. But unfortunately, i couldnt start logging qemu easily.
So Thought to capture the image and take up OCR to get text. Ubuntu has gocr, which i could use.

Installing gocr:

sudo apt-get install gocr

Using GOCR :

gocr -h for list of usage

Simply to extract text from a screenshot, i followed this.

raj@14:19:31:$ gocr -i ~/Pictures/Screenshot\ from\ 2012-11-25\ 14\:18\:40.png -o out.txt

Output is pretty acceptable, even though its not accurate.